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Thank you Pisay!

Yours truly,

SA 2012-2013

March 17 2013 ▲ 1 note

The crazy members of your SA 2012-2013!

February 15 2013 ▲ 7 notes

Hey, Pisay! We need YOU.

(If you do not want to read this entire post because, yes, I know, it is quite long, please at least read the bold parts.)

You may have noticed the lack of extracurricular activities for the fourth quarter. What happened to the Intramurals? Where are some of the club culminating activities? How come some of our batch activities were disapproved? 

The SA, being the voice of the student body, brought this up with the administration. On Feb 14, we, along with representatives from the batch councils and some affected clubs, had a small dialogue session. The purpose was, not to debate or argue, but to understand both sides. For the admin to understand the stand of the students regarding growth outside of the classroom and for the students to answer the take of the admin. And hopefully, we could reach a compromise that allowed both parties to benefit. 

On behalf of the participants of the dialogue, the SA would like to say that this meeting was a success because we had reached our objectives. 

The Management Committee explained that it really was difficult to schedule all of these activities in the fourth quarter. With Holy Week pushed back, we would have less time for clearance and school days. Right now, we don’t have so much time inside the classroom (believe it or not) that even some teachers are having a difficult time coping. They also explained that if we had activities after grades were submitted or during clearance time, it would be challenging, like last year, to clear ourselves because of the liabilities the may not be accounted for. 

Now many of us may have been adamant about our reactions on these but after coming out of this meeting, we now understand fully the situation on their side. And our greatest wish is that the rest of the student body understands as well. We are sorry about what may  not have happened even after preparations but we really do hope things are not misinterpreted. 

However, we were able to reach a sort of compromise. Even if it is difficult to schedule anything furthermore, the admin has given us a day of happiness: March 8. It is in this day that all activities (batch, clubs, electives, concerts, performances, etc.) be properly scheduled. Therefore, we would like to invite all heads/officers to attend the meeting on Tuesday, 4:30 PM at the seminar room to discuss with the rest of the representatives of the student body regarding this. Your absence will forfeit your say in this activity. 

While we of course would want more, rest assured we have tried our very, very best to achieve this and we only hope for your support. 

The administration has also requested that the SA, together with the student body, come up with events for SY 2013 - 2014 for Pisay’s Golden Anniversary. If you have suggestions as to how we can celebrate this very, very momentous event for Pisay (parade? concert? variety show?), please do not hesitate to drop us a message in our ask box or in the SA locker. Even if some senior officers and students are leaving, we still definitely want the best for the rest of Pisay. 

We hope for your support and understanding! Thank you very much.

<3 SA!

February 15 2013 ▲ 1 note

We hope you all had fun in SAlitan with your student-teachers. And hopefully these student-teachers were able to appreciate the job of our teachers much more through this experience. 

We also hope you all had fun in Love SAnctuary, our little Valentine’s Day radio activity at the back lobby. Thank you to Papa Benny and Ma’am Liz Sagucio for sharing their insights and of course to our amazing hosts, Gerard Duran and Cholo Guiam! 

The SA also gave out candy goodies to each class as a small Valentine’s Day gift to the school. If your class has not received theirs yet, please claim them on Monday after flag ceremony!

Hope you all have a good weekend ahead! :)

February 15 2013 ▲ 4 notes
--(Guiam, 2013)

SA 2012-2013

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