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February 8 2013 ▲ 0 notes
Anonymous said: Do you sometimes look through your followers and wonder what Pisay students are up to online?

There’s no need for wondering.. we know. HAHA jk. Not really actually. =)) 

February 8 2013 ▲ 0 notes
Anonymous said: can you post the current topnotchers in pisay here? thank you ;)

The SA doesn’t hold this kind of information. If you want, however, you can ask the Registrar’s office regarding this. :) 

February 8 2013 ▲ 0 notes
Anonymous said: Will you update the tips for upcoming batches because of the new curriculum?

This is a great suggestion and the incoming officers may probably do this by getting the opinions of the Grade 7 once they finish their first year. Thank you! :) 

February 8 2013 ▲ 1 note
Anonymous said: Will there be like an "online" SA Locker? :) It would be nice if there was one somewhere here sa tumblr. Or is it this one na pala, this Ask? =))

Yes, this Ask is the online SA Locker. :) 

February 7 2013 ▲ 1 note


Here are the details for the Miting de Avance. This will be during your entire Universal Break. Everyone must be at the Front Lobby at exactly 11:20. You may bring your lunch. Candidates are expected to be there at 11:10. 

Please read through this thoroughly. We have a different format for this year’s Miting de Avance, as we will be asking questions to each candidate. 

To the candidates, this is not to embarrass you. Rather, take this as an opportunity to prepare yourselves for even more difficult jobs in the future and to prove yourselves furthermore as leaders.

To the audience and the student body, please listen to what your candidates have to say. This event is for you, bright and educated scholars, to base your votes on important matters, not shallow reasons. We hope you take this opportunity to choose your officers wisely. 

Please be reminded that the SAEB will observe STRICT time limits. 

Good luck to the candidates and see you all tomorrow!

February 6 2013 ▲ 1 note


Stay tuned for Briefing on Miting de Avance. This year’s Miting will have a different format for a more in depth understanding of each candidate. 

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